Planty Family

Planty Family

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lilies of the Field

I believe in God. I believe He created this earth specifically for us. So, let me tell you about the western prairie fringed orchid.

This flower is completely dependent on only two species of moths for its perpetuation. The reason is that these two types of moths (Eumorpha achemon and Sphinx drupiferarum) are among the only moths that have a proboscis long enough to reach the nectar that lies at the bottom of a long tubal structure. They are also among the only moths that have the correct distance between their eyes to actually pick up the pollen from where it is located within the flower. Basically, these moths are perfectly formed to pollinate the western prairie fringed orchid. That's one part of the equation.

Now let's talk about the orchid itself. The flowers of this plant are a creamy white - easier to see at night. When are moths active again? *nudge, nudge* The fragrance of the flowers becomes several times more concentrated at NIGHT. <--- again with the nighttime AND--here's the kicker--the scent of the flower matches that of the sexual pheromones of these particular species of moths!!!

God provided so exactly for the survival of these flowers. If He provided so exactly for a humble, unknown little flower, why would He create an earth devoid of help and healing for us, His purpose in creating this earth? To me, essential oils aren't just some hippie dippie, new age hype. They are a testament of God's love of, and provision for, His children. 

It's not just confined to essential oils, either. There are myriad minerals, plants, and substances on this earth that are beneficial to our health. I would invite you to research the many amazing things that have been provided for us by a loving God. There are studies out there done by reputable scientists and labs. 

Finally, I am in no way disparaging modern medicine. I would have died during the birth of my first child if it hadn't been for proper care by competent and caring medical professions. I am just saying there is so much MORE out there!